blasting basics

  • Sololearn:
    A mobile-/web- App to learn several programming languages (e.g. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++). They guide you through the basics by toggeling between information and short questions/quizzes. No programming background required. Although I said “learn” I personally think it is more something to have on the go, like while you’re commuting and don’t have an actual keyboard in front of you for real coding. It is definitely a really good place to get a glimpse at a language you are interested in. Don’t expect to be ready to work after on of the courses. You have do get your hands dirty with real coding practice. But for getting a taste of coding and on the train, I do absolutely recommend Sololearn.
  • Learn to Code HTML & CSS by Shay Howe:
    A very detailed and awesome guide/tutorial that walks you through more than just the basics. By the end you have a fully functional HTML-webpage that is styled with CSS. I’d say no programming background required and still not trivial at all. Little side note: Shay Howe does an amazing job in explaining the ins and outs of HTML and CSS, but last time I checked he did not cover CSS-flex-box and CSS-grid for positioning elements. What he explains is still valid though and in my opinion totally worth to code along.
  • codecademy:
    This is actually by far my favorite resource page. I don’t have time to brag about it right now, but check it out. I might launch a blog post just dedicated to codecademy, thats how tasty it is.