how to become a programmer

This is my story about how I am becoming a programmer. And it is just at the very beginning. If you are only interested in resources – stop reading right here. Instead take a look at the resource-section. There I am posting stuff that helped me so far and will help you getting started as a developer.

For you, who is apparently still reading, let me briefly explain what is going on in this blog. I understand it as a diary-ish documentation of my journey to the center of programming. Mainly so I keep track of my progress. Secondary to spread useful, interesting, hopefully entertaining mush along the way.

This is how it went down:

On 23 July 2017 I was finally too sick of that feeling being left behind by this world of technology we are living in. Inside my head, a tiny little voice SCREAMED “I want to become a programmer NOW!”

So I did what everyone does that wants the quick and easy way out. I downloaded an app on my phone. A cute little question-answer gamified learning-app for JAVA. It felt awesome! and unfortunately also very useless. Once I had completed all chapters and thought I was half way there I installed and opened a big ass SDK (Software Development Kit). What happened next nothing less than I a minor panic attack. This was exactly how I felt all along. Like an idiot and that I won’t stand a chance to ever get a grasp of this stuff.

// little side note from the present: This has not been proven otherwise, yet. But I feel very confident I am getting somewhere, as you will find out in later posts.

A first introductory shouldn’t be too long but I want at least end on slightly higher and uplifting note.

Of course the job wasn’t done by rushing through an app, millennial-style. Also it was maybe not a particular fortunate choice to start with JAVA (which is great and versatile but not very beginner friendly). I just did not know where to start. The good news is: there is guidance out there. And so sooo SOOOO much stuff that is absolutely awesome to learn about programming. And the best part. A vast amount is totally for free (people luckily brag about their knowledge and share it more than is good for them). Programming can be self-taught for the most part. AND it is extremely fun to make progress with. I might still be in the rather shallow part of a learning curve. BUT for someone who thought that there is like THE ONE major programming language everyone uses nowadays I have come a long way.

After my little stumble in the beginning, I’ve mainly looked at webDev (Web Development) stuff with JavaScript. Which is, as everyone knows but me when I started, not the same as JAVA. I’ve looked at HTML and CSS, nothing on the web can be done without those two fellas (BTW never EVER say you program in those two. They’re markup-languages and people look weird at you if you call them programming languages). And of course I read a lot about certain concepts, like client-server communication, APIs (Application Programming Interface), listen to podcast and on and on and on. It is very rewarding, i.promise.

To sum up: You are an advanced programmer? This might not be your blog, unless you like my writing. Then please let me know. Who doesn’t feed of flatterment. If not, well I guess you won’t have read this far anyway. Are you new to programming? You actually might get some good information to start with. And I aim to keep developing that part.

Final secret: The actual purpose of this blog is very egoistic. While learning loads of new stuff, I tend to forget things that I already learned. So writing it down seems to be most efficient for memorization. Here comes my first life-advice: write things down! Thank me later.

That is it for today. Get on coding, have fun and stay connected.


It’s all about being connected

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photo: electric wires in Bangkok, taken by myself 2016