Procrastination is caused by Perfectionism

Wow! It has been almost a year since I wrote my initial post “how to become a programmer”. And I have done nothing of what I had in mind for this blog.

But why?… There are sooo many experiences I have lived through, so many things I have on my mind.
Simply because I was aiming too high. I wanted a very chronological time line. Where no step was missing. With every post I had planned to spice up the design, extend the resources section and create a dictionary with new words I had learned along my learning experience. And because that was always a bit much for a 10min writing session in between all the other things in my life, I just never did it.


Get this bloody diaryish time line out of my head into a <p> tag, so I don’t block myself from blogging anymore. So look out for the next post. To learn about some pros and cons of different resources and approaches, when you want to become a self taught programmer.